The Eagle Association

Nelly, Kevin, Balentine, Mercy and Stephen are amongst the students who are now qualified and did not want to lose the comradeship and mutual support they enjoyed during their time at school and college.  To continue their friendship, and to support other orphans during their education, they formed The Eagle Association.






These amazing young people use their holiday time to visit the orphans each term and help them with any problems.  This gives tremendous encouragement to those in school and college as they see that other orphans are now confident young people earning their own living and, often, helping to support their siblings.

Girls who have no-one to buy them sanitary towels lose a week of school each month.  They also need soap and toilet rolls.  A supporter of WORK donates the funds to provide all the students with a pack of essentials each term.  Members of the Eagle Association deliver the packs each term and chat to the students to see how they are and talk over any problems.  They have been through the same experiences so they understand.  They also give them a phone number to ring should any problems arise.











The aim of WORK is always to help people to help themselves.  The Eagle Association shows how helping one child sows the seeds for other desperate children to be helped.  Orphans who have been sponsored though their education are supporting other children.  Their lives were transformed. They are now helping to transform the lives of others.

Tools of the trade

Kids at Sinoko gate copy

Providing tools to earn a living.

Sinoko VTC is a unique place which gives hope and skills to some of the poorest and most vulnerable young people.  It is one of the few places where young people who have missed out on going to school can be accepted and trained in practical skills.
It produces some highly skilled professionals.
Sinoko offers them a chance to qualify and support themselves and, often, their siblings.

Tools of the trade

When students have completed their course at the Youth Polytechnic, if they do not have the right tools it is difficult for them to find a job.  W.O.R.K. provides a few basic tools to get them started then, as they earn a little money, they can buy more.  You can provide the funds to help an orphan start their working life by using this form at the end of this newsletter or by donating here.

Here are a few examples of students who have been sponsored and are now qualified.

Damaris using new sewing machine



Damarius qualified as a tailor.  She could not buy her own sewing machine.  With the machine donated by W.O.R.K. she can now work and support herself.






Joseph Mulongo with his tools!


Joseph receiving his tool kit.  He can now earn a living.







Phylis Wafula Sinoko (Electrical)


Phyllis was one of the first girls to qualify as an electrician; not easy in a largely patriarchical society!  She can now support herself.






Augustine Simiyu


Augustine has qualified as a motor mechanic.  With the tools provided by W.O.R.K. he can now earn his own living.






W.O.R.K has supported Sinoko for some years and helps about 10 youngsters each year to complete their studies.  The last couple of years has seen the building of a girls’ dormitory.  Homeless girls are very vulnerable particularly during the holidays but also during term time. Having somewhere to stay means they are safe and allows them to carry on with their studies.

Building under way ……..


Sinoko Dormitory front door
…. and complete












From homelessness to successful career

Here are a few examples of how donations to WORK have allowed many young people to complete their education.

As a result of being sponsored these young people who were orphans with little hope of making something of their lives, are now qualified, self-sufficient and are having a positive input to their own communities. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 21.59.32











Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 22.01.53













When Stephen was orphaned he walked from Nairobi to a village in Western Kenya to find his grandfather.  His grandfather was too old and weak to care for him.

W.O.R.K. found Stephen and supported him through his education.  He now has a degree in Forensic Science.
Stephen is giving something back to the community.  He is sponsoring workshops on environmental issues and leadership skills.





George Chemwoo 2016 copy


George was homeless and unwell from solvent abuse when WORK found him.  He was sponsored through his education and is now a qualified civil engineer with his own business. His company works in poor areas helping to supply clean water to isolated communities.







Agnes Clare Werunga 09


Agnes Clare is teaching in a school in central Kenya.







Frederick Maende


Frederick is teaching agriculture in a Youth Polytechnic.  Amongst his students are other orphans who are being sponsored in the same way as he was helped.






Mercy Wamulali 2012



Mercy is working as a social worker helping others.  She understands what it is to have no hope.






Without the generosity of donations to WORK these young people had no hope.  Now they can look forward to the future with the confidence that they can support themselves and, often, their sisters and brothers.