Namboboto Health Centre

Namboboto is in an isolated and very poor area.  From very small beginnings there is now a minor surgery theatre where almost any treatment that does not require a full anaesthetic can be carried out. This is a tremendous boost to this poor community.  A male ward has been added to the female ward and maternity unit.  The clinic is always busy.

Pts waiting at Nambo verandah








Namboboto Water Project: 

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Ashford Baptist Church in Kent the clinic now has a water supply.  This has transformed the work that the clinic is able to carry out.

Water was brought down from the dam at the top of the hill on push bikes and relatives had to bring in water for the patients to drink.

The aim of water project was to raise enough money to allow the hospital to have access to water.  It took place in several stages and is now completed.  It is not difficult to imagine the difference having a water supply makes to patients and staff.

Stage 1

To pipe water from the reservoir to the clinic,
install tower and 10,000 litre water storage

tank & connections – £3,000


Stage 2

To connect the water to the Minor Theatre & maternity unit

and provide sinks, taps etc – £1,500


Stage 3

To connect the water to the male ward,

night nurses station and an extra sewage outlet – £3,000

Stage 4

To attach 6 rain collecting tanks (2 to each of the three buildings)

 £600 per building – Total £1,800

Water storage tanks are in place.    Patients can have a shower!     The sluice room now has running water.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a40Sluice room + tap