Widows are usually very poor. They are often caring for several grandchildren where the parents have died.  If the roof of their modest huts are damaged they may have no money and be too frail to repair them.  With just a little help their lives, and those of the children, can be transformed.

W.O.R.K. has formed groups of widows for protection and sustainability.  One group is now self-sufficient and no longer needs any support.

Marinda widows + sheep
A group of widows may be given a couple of cows, goats, sheep or chickens.  They build up their own herd or flock.  This means that they can feed their family and make a little money by, for example, selling eggs.




W.O.R.K. has an accounting system, known as ‘Table Banks‘.  This involves giving a small loan to the widows so they can buy seed or start a small business.   They can then support themselves and their grandchildren.  This is a very successful scheme.  The widows groups are very imaginative in making the most of the opportunity to become self sufficient, supporting themselves and their grandchildren

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