How your donation can help

Your donation will have a huge impact on the lives of widows and orphans in rural Kenya, helping them to have the dignity of supporting themselves.

You can support W.O.R.K. in any of the following ways:

Sponsor an orphan or make a contribution to their educational fees.
Sponsor a group of widows.
Support generally the projects which W.O.R.K. is involved with.
Fund a tool kit so that a young person can start work.

Any amount you can give – no matter how little – will help, but here are some indications of how much various things cost:

Sponsoring an Orphan’s Education:

Primary Education:
8 year programme
Average fees cost about £160 a year or £13 a month

Secondary Education:
4 year programme
Average fees cost about £350 a year or £30 a month

Tertiary Education:
Generally 2 or 3 year programmes
Average fees cost about £1,000 a year for the Youth Polytechnic or £1,200 a year for College.

Sponsoring Widows

We support widows who have formed a co-operative. Different groups have different needs and any contributions will be put to good use.  The aim is that, with a relatively small input, they become self-sufficient.

Supporting Healthcare

We support orphans and widows with their healthcare by providing subsidies in our main clinic for their treatment and drugs. This costs W.O.R.K. £150 – £200 a month.

Funding tools kits

A spanner, hammer, chisel or any simple tool costs just £5

A basic tool kit consisting of 5 essential tools for a particular trade is £25

The most expensive item is a pedal sewing machine which costs about £100