The Eagle Association

Nelly, Kevin, Balentine, Mercy and Stephen are amongst the students who are now qualified and did not want to lose the comradeship and mutual support they enjoyed during their time at school and college.  To continue their friendship, and to support other orphans during their education, they formed The Eagle Association.






These amazing young people use their holiday time to visit the orphans each term and help them with any problems.  This gives tremendous encouragement to those in school and college as they see that other orphans are now confident young people earning their own living and, often, helping to support their siblings.

Girls who have no-one to buy them sanitary towels lose a week of school each month.  They also need soap and toilet rolls.  A supporter of WORK donates the funds to provide all the students with a pack of essentials each term.  Members of the Eagle Association deliver the packs each term and chat to the students to see how they are and talk over any problems.  They have been through the same experiences so they understand.  They also give them a phone number to ring should any problems arise.











The aim of WORK is always to help people to help themselves.  The Eagle Association shows how helping one child sows the seeds for other desperate children to be helped.  Orphans who have been sponsored though their education are supporting other children.  Their lives were transformed. They are now helping to transform the lives of others.