Widows and Orphans in Rural Kenya

A registered “Not-for-Profit” charity (Reg. No. 1119959)

W.O.R.K. is dedicated to helping people to become self-sufficient by supporting education, training and healthcare for widows and orphans in rural Kenya.



Every penny donated goes directly to the charity’s projects.

W.O.R.K  gives children who had no hope of an education a chance to fulfil their potential.  As they become qualified in various roles they are able to support their families and make a contribution to their communities.

  • Here are a few examples of the effect W.O.R.K. is having on the lives of some of the poorest children:

Job’s parents and younger brothers all died.  He was alone in the world.  He was sponsored through secondary school and college and is now an electrician.









He sent a message to W.O.R.K. –

“Look at what you invested on me and am very proud of this as since it radically changed my life to be independent. God bless you a lot and I’ll never stop by saying thank you”.

> A message from some orphans who have completed their education and are doing well shows how much they appreciate having been given a chance:

‘To the U.K trustees of WORK, we can never thank you enough. We will forever be indebted to you. Pass out heartfelt greetings.’

> As an orphan, Delphine would not have had the chance to go to college but she is now a qualified teacher.

Celestine has almost finished her training to be a quantity surveyor.






>  Abel has been sponsored through his education and is now an accountant.  He can support himself and other family members as well as acting as a role model to others.  Abel’s achievement shows that young people from a very poor background can do well when given the chance.  It is the generosity of sponsors that have made this possible.










> Young people who were sponsored through their education are now volunteering to help W.O.R.K. in acting as mentors to orphans at school and college.


Nellie, Kevin, Balentine, Stephen and Mercy all took a week off work to help orphans settle into their new school life.  Having been sponsored through their education, they all have good jobs and now want to help others.


They started The Eagle Association to support orphans during and after their education.

When thanked for their help they said:  ‘We are committed to supporting this noble cause in any way we can to ensure that our young brothers and sisters have a smooth life at school and make the most of the opportunity.’

Each term, members of The Eagle Association deliver a bag of toiletries to the orphans who are in school and college.  If girls cannot buy sanitary towels they miss a week of education every month.  They are also given soap and other basics which they cannot afford to buy themselves.











  • Look at the newsletters to see how lives can be transformed when those who have nothing are given a chance.
  • The ripple effect:   Read about how orphans who have been helped by W.O.R.K. now help other orphans
  • Outreach work:

> Jiggers are fleas which burrow into the skin causing huge problems.  WORK is going out to villages to treat this debilitating condition.

> The Kangaroo project is working hard to prevent unwanted pregnancies in young girls.  For those that are pregnant, the clinic provides a safe haven for them to give birth, to be supported and for the baby’s health to be checked.

> Tuberculosis:  Clinical Officers and nurses from St. Bakhita’s clinic have been travelling to rural villages to identify and treat cases of TB.

 You can read more about these outreach projects here.

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How W.O.R.K Started