W.O.R.K has:

• Paid school fees for over 500 orphans.  Without sponsorship these children would have had little chance of making  a decent life for themselves.
Look at our orphans page to read about how these wonderful young people make the most of the educational opportunities offered to them.
• Built many classrooms for schools so that children can learn protected from the elements.
• Built girls’ dormitories so that students have somewhere safe to stay.

Nangina Special School

This school provides an education for children with many different special needs.

A classroom has been built for deaf children.  The school helps children who are wheelchair users.  Children who find learning difficult are catered for.

A kitchen and dining room have been built where the children not only enjoy their meals, but are able to gather together as a community.

Without the determination of W.O.R.K. these wonderful young people would have little chance of receiving an education.

Children at Nangina Special School
Wheel chair girl copy








Dinner time... copy
Dinner is served


The School Hall and Dining Room at Nangina Special School.








W.O.R.K has also:

Provided hundreds of desks and chairs for both Primary and Secondary Schools, including St Francis (Primary and Secondary), Namboboto (Primary and Secondary), Matili and many more.

Provided equipment for schools: Books, pencils, pens, laboratory equipment, etc.

Built a dormitory for girls at the Youth Polytechnic in Sinoko.

As orphans get access to education and have somewhere safe to stay they are on the path to becoming self-supporting.