Children who are orphans are very vulnerable and unlikely to receive any education.  An education gives them the chance to earn a living  and live with the dignity of being self-supporting.  Once they are earning they can help other members of the family.

Donations to W.O.R.K. are paying the fees of many orphans in primary and secondary schools, in the Youth Polytechnic and in a Special School.

You can read about some of the successful careers that have resulted from sponsoring orphans here.  Many young people have learnt a trade at Sinoko Vocational Training Centre.  Read about their achievements here.

Our 7 girls at Baptist SS 2016



W.O.R.K has:

• Built two hostels, in Misikhu and Kakamega, to provide a base for homeless orphans in the school holidays.  Without this they have no choice but to live on the streets.
• Formed a Students’ Association so that all orphans who have been assisted by W.O.R.K. have a family for life.

Read about the Student Association